What you should ask about Roadside Assistance today

What you should ask about Roadside Assistance today

Before you get stranded tomorrow, with the wrong cover.

Got a car? Then you should have Roadside Assistance cover. It’s a no brainer –when you are behind the wheel, it’s worth knowing you can be rescued from being stranded on the side of the road when you need it most.
The real question is, how do you choose? Like other memberships, there are myriad options, inclusions, cover levels to wade through, and it’s easy to get swamped.
You will have your initial questions, however, we wanted to help you really find the perfect cover for you, so have compiled a list of additional questions you SHOULD ask.

Is the cover for me, or for my car?

Most Roadside Assistance policies cover the car, but there are some in Australia that cover the person. You need to know which you are covered for, because if someone else is driving the car and they run out of fuel or get a flat tyre, they may not be able to get assistance.
Be clear before you drive off.

When I need rescuing, who is sent out to me?

Picture this. Your car has spluttered to a stop, and you’ve managed to get onto the side of the road.
Make sure that your Roadside Assist provider sends out qualified mechanics to your rescue to ensure you get the fastest resolution possible.

When I need rescuing, who will I speak to?

When you need help on the side of the road, the last thing you want to do is talk to a robot.
You want to speak with someone who knows exactly how to help, is understanding, and above all, provides exceptional service. Find out about the process they followwhen you need help.

How do the costs and inclusions compare?

There are some basic things you need to have covered:

  • Flat Tyres
  • Out of Fuel
  • Flat Batteries
  • Keys locked in car

But then you need to start thinking about more detailed aspects, like towing limits, accommodation, hire car, number of call outs, cover for the wrong fuel…

These are the benchmarks you should be looking for:

  • Unlimited call outs
  • City towing cover for 50km, and rural 100km
  • Accommodation cover
  • Hirecar cover
  • Taxi cover
  • Wrong fuel cover

After you have done your research, you should know exactly who offers the best Roadside Assistance cover, and have 100% confidence that you will be rescued efficiently when you need it most.

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