Having a breakdown, can happen to
anyone, is never a fun experience
and can sometimes be dangerous.


In some circumstances breakdowns are unavoidable, in most they are. For educational purposes we have pulled together 7 helpful tips to avoid a breakdown, to make sure you don’t end up in a situation that could have been avoided.

My vehicle is broken down



1. Get your car serviced regularly

Its is recommended that you have a Professional car service every 10,000kms for your logbook, or yearly if your car’s not under warranty. Regular servicing will mean potential problems are jumped on before they become major and cause you to break down. Make sure your car is serviced by an authorised mechanic and they are doing the following checks;

2. Always make sure you can be seen

Make sure you regularly check your headlights, indicators and tail-lights. By keeping an eye on your lights, you’ll notice if the lens has cracked or discoloured and will be able to rectify it.

3. Top up your fuel

Make sure you keep an eye on the fuel gauge - always make sure there is enough fuel for your journey, especially if there is a long wait between fuel stations.

4. Consider Winter Tyres

5. Know the sounds your car makes

Get to know what is normal for your car, so you can be aware of any changes. Some common signs that your car might breakdown include:

  • Struggling to start
  • Shaking or vibrating Vibrating
  • Smoke
  • Noisy stops
  • Oil spots
  • Not so good vibrations
  • Flashing lights on your dashboard

6. Check your fluids

Don’t just rely on your regular servicing schedule to keep your vehicle’s fluids topped up. You should make it a habit to regularly to look under your car’s bonnet and at the following

  • windscreen washer fluid
  • brake fluid, power
  • steering and engine oil

7. Check your tyres

Make sure you regularly check your tyres for uneven wear or even cuts in the sidewall, and ensure the tyres are always at the correct pressure. And don’t forget to give your spare tyre a once over.

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